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~Delivering Professional Solutions for Your Classic Car
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A collection of cars we've worked on with passion


Hot Rod Garage brings a whole new level of professionalism

and quality to your Classic, Muscle Car or Hot Rod experience.

We have an extensive background in aviation engineering & mechanical expertise. Our combined knowledge of classic cars, muscle cars and hot rod mechanical systems are simply unparalleled. High quality craftsmanship & impeccable

attention to detail will insure that you will receive the very best repairs, modifications, and solutions to your mechanical problems available anywhere at any price.

Call today to schedule an appointment for Your Ride. (830)336-4680 *Please leave a message

Have a unique problem with your Classic that you have

not been able to get resolved? Hot Rod Garage offers accurate and correct solutions for complex issues! We specialize in making your car safe, reliable and roadworthy

This shop is a low volume/high quality facility! Your Classic Car will receive the attention it deserves, along with a detailed

quality assurance inspection on each job.

Come by and check out our place!

Hot Rod Garage is a Vintage Air Distributor and

provides quality installation services!




Repair & Tuning


Repair & Upgrades


Repair & Installation



Today's fuels are not formulated for carbureted applications.  Hot Rod Garage can make your Classic start easier, run smoother, idle better, and perform on today's fuel.

Want to change your ring and pinion gears?  Add a posi trac unit?  Maybe an Overdrive Transmission?  Hot Rod Garage has the specialized knowledge to handle all of your

drive train needs.

We bring original equipment air conditioners back to original manufacturer's specifications or professional installation of

Vintage Air Systems.

Hot Rod Garage has the ability to solve any and every problem with your Classic Car.  Our goal is to make your car safe, reliable & road worthy



35 Rust Lane

Boerne, TX 78006




Monday-Friday: 8:30a-5:00p


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